Anthony "FickTiff" Stokes


If you read this, then congratulation, you made it onto my website! Bravo to you!

I'‘m supposed to talk about me on this specific page. I'm going to be honest. It'‘s clearly not a thing I like to do. So now what? Let me explain what you can find on this site:

-A devblog, with different projects. Well those who'‘s going make it to release at least. The others let say they love my trash bin or their privacy.

-A stream page, where I'‘m probably going to try different stuff for fun. Nothing much than a stupid player for now.

-Untold Stories, or all these stories that I wrote and left in a notebook or USB Stick or phone. Honestly, I'‘m afraid to share that. There a lot I wrote and never shared. So, I'‘m going to release that a piece at time.

Yeap not real talk about me. Sorry?

I can say some stuffs. Like I'‘m independent writer, translator, developer, and thatís fun sometimes. Let'‘s enjoy your little time here, while I improve the site with times.

PS: You can contact me by mail. With the little letter at the top! And BTW I made this website the old way because I got fun doing this, even if it sucks, so I'‘m just saying sorry for that!